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Basket type strainer is essentially a screen installed to allow liquids to pass through, but not larger items, The larger items fall to the bottom or are held in a basket for later clean out. DAGO offers a wide range of strainers in types of Y Strainer. T strainers & Basket strainer etc.

Series - 150 | PN10-PN16

A Strainer is a type of sieve typically associated with separating liquids from Solids In general, a sieve separates wanted/desired elements from unwanted material using a tool such as a mesh, net or other filtration or distillation methods, but it is also used for classification of powders by particle size, or for size measurement as an analytical technique. Strainers arrest pipeline debts such as scale, rust, jointing compound and weld metal in pipelines, protecting equipment and processes, This turotial considers the range of strainer and filter types in use and how to size and select them for different applications.

Design Features
  • Structured in Basket type
  • Body: cast or Forged body in carbon steel, stainless steel, or Duplex
  • Stainless steel: SS304, SS316 Screen as standard
  • Mesh: 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh
  • Sizes: DN15-DN600
  • Body Styles: Flanged, welded or Threaded Ends
  • Pressure class: ANSI Class 150 to CL2500, PN10 to PN420
  • Threaded Drain plug Device
Product Specifications
  • Size 1″-24″ DN25-DN600
  • Pressure Class "150" | PN10-PN16
  • End Connection Flange, Butt Welding
  • Body Material WPB, WCB, TP304, TP316, TP316L
  • Screen Material SS304, SS316, SS316L
  • Seat Material /
  • Stem Material /
  • Design Standard MFD
  • Face to Face Standard MFD
  • Test Standard API 598
  • Temperature Range -29℃~425℃
  • Actuator Options /
    Structure Style
  • Full Port
    Connection Standard
  • Flange Drilling: ASME B16.5 CL150, EN1092
  • Butt Weld: ASME B16.25, GB/T 12224
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