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Bray Butterfly Valves

As a component used to realize the on-off and flow control of the pipeline system, the midline butterfly valve has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, hydropower and so on. In the known butterfly valve technology, the sealing form of the sealing structure, sealing materials for rubber, PTFE, etc.

Series - 150 | PN10-PN16

Design Features
  • PTFE Lined Wafer Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve is bi-directional flow and possible at maximum operating pressure and because of valve port is corresponds to the piping diameter, high flow capacity is guaranteed
  • Full PTFE Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve is easy of maintenance, sealing parts is changeable
  • Mud can be transported with minimal fluid accumulation at the mouth of the pipe
  • At low pressure, good sealing can be achieved
  • Easy to open and close quickly, labor saving, fluid resistance is small, can often operate
Product Specifications
  • Size 2″-40″ DN50-DN1000
  • Pressure Class "150" | PN10-PN16
  • End Connection Flange (FF, RF), Wafer, Lug
  • Body Material CS, SS, CI, DI, Al-Bronze
  • Disc Material CS, SS, CI, DI, Al-Bronze
  • Seat Material EPDM, PTFE, NBR, VITON
  • Stem Material SS410, SS416, SS316, 17-4PH
  • Design Standard MSS SP-67, API 609, EN 593
  • Face to Face Standard API609, ISO5752 series 20, BS5155
  • Test Standard API 598
  • Temperature Range -29℃~200℃
  • Actuator Options Lever, Worm Gear, Pneumatic, Electric
    Structure Style
  • Full Port, Concentric
    Connection Standard
  • Flange Drilling: ANSI B 16.5, EN1092-1