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Control Valves Manufacturers in India

Control valves is used to control fluid flow by varying the size of the flow passage as directed by a signal from a controller.

3 Way Electric Control Valve

3 Way Electric Control Valve adopts the cage guided structure and pressure unbalanced plug

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Air Pressure Regulator Valve

Air Pressure self operated regulator valve is mainly used to control pressure, temperature and flow

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Pneumatic Pressure Control Valve

Pneumatic Pressure Control Valve is light in weight, accurate and efficient.

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Electric Actuator Control Valve

Electric Actuator Control Valve is actuating unit of electrical unit combined apparatus.

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Fisher Pressure Control Valve

Cage single-seat Control Valve(analogous to “Fisher”) adopts the cage guided structure

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Pneumatic Air Control Valve

Pneumatic Air Control Valve which controls the ratio of fuel to air in the intake manifold

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Pneumatic Manual Control Valve

With multi-spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator and 3-way split valve body ZJHF (H) pneumatic

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Differential Pressure Control Valve

It is performer products achieving the self-operated through the self-force of the controlled

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