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Cryogenic Ball Valve

Cryogenic Extension ball valves are valves that are applied in the management and safe storage of matter at very low temperatures. They are built to withstand temperatures as low as -190°C to absolute zero (-238°F to -460°F ) and are thus also known as low temperature ball valves.

Series - 150 To 2500

They are equally capable of handling extremely high pressures that result from such extreme temperatures. Our cryogenic ball valve consists of 3 parts: an actuator, a stem, and a ball. The actuator is the outermost part for which we offer a variety of designs. It is connected to the stem which is a rod-like structure that houses the floating ball. When the actuator is turned, the stem also rotates and repositions the ball accordingly.

Design Features
  • The fluid resistance is small, and the sealing surface is less attacked by the media
  • Open and close less effort
  • Simple shape, short structure length, good manufacturing technology, wide range of application
  • The flow direction of the medium is not restricted, not disturbing the flow, not reducing the pressure
Product Specifications
  • Size 1/2″-40″ DN15-DN1000
  • Pressure Class "150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500" | PN16-PN425
  • End Connection Flange (FF, RF, RJ), Butt Welding, NPT, SW
  • Body Material F304, F316, F316L, LF2
  • Ball Material F304, F316, F316L, LCB
  • Seat Material PCTFE
  • Stem Material XM-19
  • Design Standard API 6D
  • Face to Face Standard ASME B16.10
  • Test Standard API 598
  • Temperature Range -196℃~-460℃
  • Actuator Options Handwheel, Pneumatic, Electric
    Structure Style
  • Full Bore, Reduced Bore
  • Floating Ball, Trunnion Mounted Ball
    Connection Standard
  • Flange Drilling: ASME B16.5
  • Butt Weld: ASME B16.25, GB/T 12224
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