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Electric Actuator Control Valve

Electric Actuator Control Valve is actuating unit of electrical unit combined apparatus. It receives direct current signal from regulating apparatus and change flow of mediums directly (e.g. liquid, gas, steam, etc.) to keep controlled technological parameters (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, etc.) at setting values.

Series - 150 To 600

Electric Straight Through control valve is PS series or 3810L series straight stroke electric actuator and low flow resistance through single seat valve. (can also be equipped with other brands direct travel agencies). Electric actuator for electronic integrated structure, a servo amplifier, the input control signal (4-20mADC or 1-5VDC) and the power to control the valve, it can regulate the parameters of pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature etc.

Design Features
  • Electric control valve is a kind of solenoid valve as the guide valve hydraulic operation valve
  • The control response is accurate and fast, and the piping system can be opened and closed remotely according to the electric signal to realize remote operation
  • Valve closing speed is adjustable, smooth closing without pressure fluctuation.The valve is small in size, light in weight, simple in maintenance, easy to use, safe and reliable
  • Delay protection function, rated load, can implement state self-lock, when the fault occurs, can immediately start the protection, and reverse operation can cancel the delay protection
Product Specifications
  • Size 1/2″-20″ DN15-DN500
  • Pressure Class "150, 300, 600" | PN16-PN63
  • End Connection Flange (FF, RF, RJ), Butt Welding
  • Body Material WCB, CF8, CF8M, etc
  • Plug Material SS420, CF8, CF8M, etc
  • Seat Material F6a, STL6, 304, 316, Hastelloy, Monel, etc
  • Stem Material A182 F6a, 410, 420, 304, 316, 17-4PH, F11, etcH
  • Design Standard IEC 60534
  • Face to Face Standard MFD
  • Leakage Standard ANSI B16.104
  • Temperature Range -29℃~230℃
  • Actuator Options Electric
    Structure Style
  • Single Seat, Double Seat, Sleeve Type
    Connection Standard
  • Flange Drilling: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, GB/T 9113, JB/T 79
  • Butt Weld: ASME B16.25, GB/T 12224
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