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Forged Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

The body material of this ball valve is forged. It is especially suitable for the manufacture and processing of high-pressure ball valves. The closing parts of the high-pressure forged steel ball valve are rotated around the center line of the valve body to achieve opening and closing.

Series - 150 To 900

For a ball valve, the seal is embedded in the stainless steel valve seat, and a spring is provided at the tail end of the metal valve seat. When the sealing surface is worn or burned, the valve seat and the ball are pushed under the action of the spring to form a metal seal. It has a unique automatic pressure relief function. When the medium pressure in the valve exceeds the preload of the spring, the valve seat at the outlet backs away from the ball to achieve automatic pressure relief. The valve seat is automatically reset after pressure relief.

Design Features
  • Upstream sealing
  • Easy to operate when the valve is open or closed
  • The ball is supported by a fixed shaft, which eliminates the excessive torque caused by the huge sealing load caused by the inlet pressure pushing the ball seal seat
  • The surface finish of the ball meets the requirements of mirror, and PTFE metal axle sleeve with good self-lubricating property is inset. Even under high operating pressure, the operating torque of the valve will not be too large, which is safe and reliable
  • The back of the seat is preloaded by the spring and sealed by the piston principle. The left and right sides of the seat cooperate with the ball to block or flow the media
  • Pressure relief valve is installed in the middle chamber of the valve body for exhaust, and a drain plug is provided at the bottom to remove accumulated dirt
  • The valve cavity stagnant medium due to temperature rise abnormal pressure boost, the inlet and outlet valve seat from the ball automatic pressure relief
Product Specifications
  • Size 1/2″-36″ DN15-DN900
  • Pressure Class "150, 300, 600, 900" | PN16-PN160
  • End Connection Flange (FF, RF, RTJ), Butt Welding
  • Body Material A105, LF2, F304, F316, F316L
  • Ball Material A105+ENP, F304, F316
  • Seat Material A105+RPTFE, F304+RPTFE, F316+RPTFE
  • Stem Material A182 F6a, F304, 304, 316
  • Design Standard API 6D, ASME B16.34
  • Face to Face Standard ASME B16.10, API 609
  • Test Standard API 598, BS 6755
  • Temperature Range -25℃~425℃
  • Actuator Options Worm gear, Pneumatic, Electric
    Structure Style
  • Full Bore /Reduced Bore, Side Entry, Trunnion Mounted Ball
    Connection Standard
  • Flange Drilling: ASME B16.5
  • Butt Weld: ASME B16.25, GB/T 12224
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