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Stainless Steel Y Strainer

Threaded stainless steel Y strainer is designed to let the flow pass the screen so that sized particulate is captured and retained by the screen. They are most commonly used in pressurized lines, gas or liquid, but can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions.

Series - 1000WOG

They are intended for applications where small amounts of solid particulate are expected, and where clean-out will be infrequent. If solids will flush easily from the screen, and fluid can be exhausted to atmosphere, a blow-off valve on the drain port will allow clean-out without removal of the screen, and without interrupting the process flow.

Design Features
  • The stainless steel mesh hole is 2-6 microns, and others can be possible to choose
  • Big filtration area, doubled-deck screen which is made of stainless steel, simple and firm structure
  • Resistant to dirt, easy installation and convenient maintenance
  • Machined seat ensures a perfect fit for the removable, stainless steel screen All sizes come complete with threaded blow-off cover, gasket & plug
  • A drain-off valve can be installed instead of plug to remove particulate May be installed in vertical or horizontal pipelines with blow-off connection at the lower end of the screen
Product Specifications
  • Size 3/8″-4″ DN10-DN100
  • Pressure Class "1000WOG"
  • End Connection BSPT, NPT
  • Body Material CF8, CF8M
  • Screen Material CF8, CF8M
  • Seat Material /
  • Stem Material /
  • Design Standard GB/T 122237, ANSI B 16.34
  • Face to Face Standard GB/T 12221, ASMW B16.1
  • Test Standard GB/T 13927, API 598
  • Temperature Range -29 ℃-425 ℃
  • Actuator Options /
    Structure Style
  • Y Pattern
    Connection Standard