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Leading Manufacturer Across Asia

Prominent Manufacturer & Supplier of a Wide Range of Valve Products

Pharmach Engineering Private Limited is specialize in the engineering, design, and manufacture of valves.

The company was founded in 2002, Based in Mumbai - India. by Mr. Gufran Ahmed Khan

He always dream about making Pharmach Engineering Private Limited the first choice for valves.

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Specialized in Manufacturing all Kinds of Valves

At Pharmach Engineering Private Limited, we understand you are looking for reliable products to keep your processes operating at maximum efficiency. When purchasing Pharmach valves that is what you get with our products.

Since our inception, we have been sincerely dedicated to delivering premium quality valves. We are known for the quality, durability and reliability of our valve products and various other equipment’s. We are capable to design and produce any type of industry valve. With our vast experience and knowledge in the valve manufacturing industries, we aim to become the No. 1 manufacturer and supplier in India.

We work with the highest level of integrity towards our people, valued customers, the environment and society at large.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leader in the production of different valves for different applications.

We are focused on achieving complete consumer loyalty by providing the best-performing products. We put our time, energy and efforts to create a total quality culture where continuous improvement of our people, our processes and our products becomes a way of life.

Our Mission

The secret to growing the clientele and expand the business comes from satisfying the customer’s expectations.

Our mission is to continue providing superior quality products that help customers exceed their business goals. We focus on learning new technology and adapting them to continue creating innovative products across industries.

Mr. Gufran Ahmed Khan

Founder & Chairman - Pharmach Engineering Pvt. Ltd

He is the man with a vision, he made a significant contribution to the valve industry.

10,000 SQ. FT.

Production House and Six Production Workshop

Under his leadership, the company had a heritage of excellence for manufacturing valves for the past 20 years for various key sectors of the economy all over India and many other countries.

The company has the capacity to produce any type of industry valve. Passionate about creating the finest valves in the country.

We attribute our success to our strong workforce of devoted employees including qualified engineers and managers who can accomplish job orders of varying magnitudes and complexities. We are driven by the ability to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to meet your business needs.

I did not make valves to make money. I made money only by making high-performance, high-quality valves.

Mr. Gufran Ahmed Khan

Certified Company

We are an ISO certified company and reputed manufacturer of Industrial Valves. We have passed the ISO 9001: 2015 for the manufacture and design of our metal valve series. We are capable to design and produce valves at customers’ request to meet their personalized needs. We also have CE Quality-Assurance System Certificate. Our certifications assure that our products are in line with industry standards.

Vast Experience & Expertise

With over 20 years of experience, we have been serving various market sectors where pipes and valves play an integral role. Over the years, the Pharmach valves have played an important role in machinery and equipment across a plethora of industries including Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Offshore Oil Rigs and Refineries, Fertilizers, and Pipelines.

Provide Quality Products

We offer high-quality industrial valves at competitive prices. All our products include state-of-the-art engineering and research. We take pride in our work and the quality products that we sell, enjoying long-term relationships with our clients.

100% Tested Products

All our products are created and tested for resilient durability. Each product passes through several quality controls and ruggedness-testing procedures to ensure that only the best reaches our clients so they get true value for their money.